Once More With Feeling Synopsis

Sixty is the new forty, and Frank Gregorio and his daughter Lana are having simultaneous mid‐life crises.

Frank is a first generation Italian‐American who became a psychiatrist nearly 40 years ago. He’s a faithful husband to Angelina, dedicated father to Lana and Susan, doting grandfather to Chloe and Eddie and caretaker to his aging father Nonno, formerly an East Harlem band leader. Now approaching retirement, Frank is reunited with his first love — music. Originally inspired by Nonno, Frank once dreamed of a singing career, but let it slip away, listening instead to his immigrant parents who insisted he become a doctor. Ironically, a patient introduces him to karaoke, which not only awakens his dream, but it becomes his obsession. His passion for singing is led by a femme fatale named Lydia, whom he meets at a bowling alley karaoke lounge.

Lana, nearly 40, is torn between life as a stay‐at‐home mom, and everything else. Her biting sarcasm aimed mostly at her brace‐wearing, about‐to‐be married younger sister and Geek Squad fiancé, her diatribes to her best friend, her unhappiness with her body, marriage and mothering skills, all come to a head during a chance encounter with a very handsome cop. Will it be Botox or a baby? An affair or a job?

Meanwhile, Angelina, the Italian matriarch, is perplexed by her stunad family. Suddenly, her 40 year marriage is in trouble, her oldest daughter has gone cucuzza, her youngest is marrying an Irish baccala, her three year‐old grandson is not yet potty trained, her father‐in‐law keeps pressing his medical emergency button. Still, she finds time to “fix a plate” for the widower next door.

Once More With Feeling is both nostalgic and contemporary. It pokes fun at modern day situations in the lives of several generations of the Gregorio family, who are living longer, happier and fuller lives, despite themselves.